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June 20, 2007


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i would agree with this, but i would go one further, and say that "at the deepest ontological level" there is no such thing as anglican, or african, or canadian, either.


Is the full text.


From the same address (thanks Matt)

"We are called to die to the values of the world -- greed for wealth, status and power; as well as our psychological tendencies: our desires and compulsions for success, to be loved, to be held in esteem, to be acclaimed by those in our group, to have, power and control over others. It's a call to disarm ourselves, to die to our plans and let God's plans and ways take hold of us."

May God who has called you to this task give all the delegates at this General Synod the grace and humility to let God's plans and ways take hold of them...and the wisdom to recognize what those plans are....

because it seems to me that this could be interpreted in a number of ways depending on where you stand.


I agree with you - the only important thing (ontologically speaking)is 'child of God' - as the ABp says. After that it's all labels, some helpful, some less so.

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