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June 30, 2007


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Maybe this isnt fair to Lewis, but I have had enough crazies use his texts, that I am immediately suspiscious when he is qouted (the latest is the domino's pizza founder who is making that whole catholic town somewhere in the middle of florida swamps)

I also think the xianity he espouses is simple, and immediate, a bit comforting, but doesnt require a wrestle or a taking up the cross. A burghers safe desire for redemption.

As well, how he treated Susan in the last book, and the general orientalism of his depection of Calamen always made my skin crawl (


Anthony: I think the wrestling is taken up in "The Problem of Pain" and also in "The Four Loves". And my own suspicion is that the Calormene empire is based on the Ottoman (just a guess though).


i know its a cliche, but said on the english attitudes towards the ottoman and turks might be helpful here...

and i might have to read those two....

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