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June 19, 2007


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Scott Gilbreath

Joe, I watched the whole thing and you weren't included. I am so disappointed. You would have been much better than most of what was shown.

Maybe you'll have do your own video.


Good inside man :-)


Hey Joe,

Was that a curry? Be careful, it may give you stomach problems... Good luck at the synod...



Scott - maybe they are saving it for a slow news day. Of course, doing my own video might be an idea.
Lars - it was more of a, ummm, sort of like "residence food", if you catch my drift.


Scott. Bits of Joseph are on 20 June "Tuesday" Synod on Demand.

Megan Crane

No, you were on the video....twice. In fact, as it was loading, your face was frozen on my screen.

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