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June 27, 2007


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steve the z

Wow, those sound like some very defensive comments, I appreciate that He is possibly hurt by the vote of the fellow bishops, as well He may have close friends that are also hurt by the vote. This whole issue is so difficult, there are no winners.

All I can do is pray for grace, and hope that God teaches us wisdom.


Joe, I think this speaks most strongly to the fact that the case being made for ssb is not primarily a theological argument. (I would say that the theological case for it is so poor and unintuitive that it could not possibly spring from a genuine theological revelation.) Theological arguments for ssb strike me as retroactive justification for change rather than genuine impetus.

When words such as 'homophobic' arise, I feel that the reason he is championing ssb is that he has seen gays and lesbians treated abysmally. If he calls his brothers and sisters homophobic, I can only assume he has seen homophobia, and that this is the real impetus.

"Agreeing to disagree" would work if this was a simple theological discrepancy. But Ingram has a genuine belief that the Church is oppressing people, on the basis of prejudice. This is the root, the core grievance that must be addressed if any sort of unity is to be attained. I might point out that imho the best way to refute this belief is not by attacking it but by showing it false through action, right teaching, and compassion.

Better to proclaim the overflowing well than to slander the mirage.

Mrs. Falstaff

He conviently ignores the existence of the Zaccheus fellowship, doesn't he? I guess they just don't fit into his worldview.


Scott - you've got the holy trinity of a Christian response: "action, right teaching, and compassion". Good words.


quinn and i had a chat about this yesterday, and i came to the realaztion it is two kinds of people esperaptley working to perserve their families.

i think that queer folks feel under attack, and read that attack as homophobia. this isnt illegitmate


Anthony - it's my turn to buy...:^)


im in the city on friday

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