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June 19, 2007


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Collary question:
Why bother sending money to the Diocese? What have they ever done for us?


because they feel called by god, to give the sacremnts to all of her children.


Oops - corollary is what I meant to type. Nothing like trying to seem clever and falling flat on your face with spelling.

Anthony - You can chose to give anything in your control to anyone you wish. That is the free will you have as a child of Christ.

A parish that professes to be a member of a greater church does not have the same free will, even if they believe that the Spirit has led them there. Acts 15 displays the difficult but unified decision-making of the early church.

We display our obedience to God through obedience to the Body of Christ, the church. It does egregious harm to the Body of Christ to say on one hand, "we're members" and on the other, "but we'll do what we want as we decide".

All that theory is fine, but parishes 'just doing what they want' has created many hundreds of new denominations in our history. There is no reason to assume that will change anytime soon.


its a point well taken matt, and something that the anglican church does v. well. its not something i have been able to suss out, and it has something that has caused schisms, as issues of race and gender have in the churches history before. (its why we have the AME in the states.

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