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April 20, 2007


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Joe, can you give a quick run-down of this. My head was hurting this morning BEFORE reading your blog:

- To know if the scriptures are true, we cannot rely on others telling us so because our language might be different and they might be lying.
- To know if the scriptures are true, we have to rely on the Truth, who is Jesus.
- We need to respond to Jesus in order to know the scriptures are true.
- We need to repent of our sins to know Jesus, and thus to know the scriptures are true.

But... how do we get to know Jesus if we doubt the scriptures? In my mind it is a circular argument:
- To know Jesus we read the scriptures.
- To know if the scriptures are true we need to know Jesus.

Maybe I forgot something else that Augustine wrote.... I seem to remember about God being known in other ways other than scriptures, but scriptures is the best way.



or, as we progress through, we might see something about the simultaneous action of teh two "Words" of God...

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