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March 11, 2007


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Amen and Amen, Joseph. Please keep speaking for those who have no voice. Soldier on Please God in the lonely field of our drifting Anglican Church of Canada. You have the ability to do so and the respect of your peers, so you have a voice. I do not. Please keep speaking your voice. Someone has to keep relentlessly speaking up and shining the light of Christ on our absurdities.

Will you take on the absurdity of our national church supporting and promoting pantheism and Gaia worship to our Anglican young people through General Synod's EcoJustice Committee's Environment Justice Camp? See the site (on every Edmonton Diocesan Synod Scene for weeks) and, oh please, take the time to check out one of the "resources" listed there, "Celebrating Creation". Read every single word. It makes me weep that this heretical garbage is being promoted by our national church and by our Diocese. I posted something on this elsewhere when it first came out but that post was deep-sixed by the blog host. Wonder why. Is it not on to question Almighty General Synod and All it's Works?


Susan, then I suppose you would be a bit dismayed to follow the links on the Diocesan announcments to this:
A non-theistic way of prayer in the Jesus tradition...

begin quote:
author: Rev. Dr. Charles Bidwell
With revision, I can still pray as Jesus indicated we could:

"My Creator (soul's Source, spirit's Destination, Ground of Our Being, etc.)
in whom/which is heaven, or within which we can find heaven (as co-creators)
we revere/respect you
We will work to see your divine intent become a reality where we live.
We will work to see that everyone has the food they need to live and have health and energy to contribute to the welfare of Earth and its life systems.
We sense that we are forgiven for our admitted shortcomings to the extent that we art able to forgive others their failures.
We recognize the presence of evil in our world and strive to avoid being a part of it as well as pointing it out whenever we are aware of it.
We work for these changes in our lives and in the lives of others in the spirit of Jesus who cared for all those who were unjustly treated or oppressed.
May we make these things so."

Note that at no time does this indicate a petition to an external force to intervene and do the work which only we can do.

end quote.


any reason why my comment didnt show up


no idea, anthony. "sameo" had the same problem last week (said it had 'timed out' before it would publish). you could send it to me via email & I could swing it though the site admin to have it posted.

all that being said, I find great irony in the language and arguments presented in favour of the inclusion one group, which seem to then lead to the absolute exclusion of another group.

I am tempted to say that what this means is that those who are aborted are denied the sacrament of baptism, and thus are "excluded from the full life of the church".

Ed McNeill

Hi Joeseph, I was cruising Standfirm tonight, went to Drell's descant, followed an interesting link and WHOA saw your name. 4 degrees of separation! Poor Kevin. I enjoyed your blog and discovered I'm more out of touch with Edmonton than I thought. If you get a momr\ent and are inclined send me your phone number. I'd love to talk with you. [email protected]


One blog to rule them all...

Ed, everyone who surfs the net is eventually drawn to felix hominum by some mysterious force...

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