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March 21, 2007


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Or, depending on how it's going, perhaps when it is in session ;-)

See you there, perhaps....


a note to a reader who was wondering if "parson" is a name or a title: it is both. Preston's last name is Parsons, and "parson" is a term used at least in many areas of eastern Canada still for protestant clergy, though most often in the United Church, where they live in "parsonages".

However, Preston might prefer "Father", a title with which many Anglican clergy are addressed. I'm sure it's all in wikipedia somewhere.

Preston Parsons

And Preston is old English for "priest's town." I guess I'm well named for this work . . .

Call me whatever you want, besides Reverend. The Rev. Preston, but not Reverend Preston. Most people call me Preston.

Joe - what hotel are most delegates staying at? Then I can look up some nearby pubs. And if I don't know them, well, if I have to visit one or two - a rector's work is never done.

Then again, if the best one's aren't nearby, we can always draw the circle wider.


Preston: let the puns begin... :^)

I think we are at the Radisson, but I'll check and get back to you.

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