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February 07, 2007


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Oh, you're just baiting me now. Fine, fine, I'll bite. What's wrong with feng shui? Yet another gift to the barbarians from my ancestral people, product of over four thousand uninterrupted years of civilization. Someone's got a blocked up flow of chi...

But since you've brought up the topic of Macs in a Christian context, not surprising given that both involve fighting the forces of evil and darkness with truth and light, might I recommend a little light viewing?

Thanks for the comic relief, Joe, I'm still pondering your other recent posts and it's hurting my head...

Scott Gilbreath

Here's the key quote:

PCs are the ramshackle computers of the people. You can build your own from scratch, then customise it into oblivion.

If you have to build your own computer, in what sense is it "of the people", unless it's taken for granted that everyone is or should be a computer tech? PCs are the technical expert's dream because they crap out every so often and require arcane technical expertise to get them up and running again. In short, PCs are a make-work project for techies.

Macs, on the other hand, are for users. Unlike PCs and, especially, Windows, Macs are easy to understand and use. Most importantly, the operating system is much more stable and transparent. Mac OSX beats Windows hands down every time. And let's not get into Windows latest downgrade, the horrendous Vista.

That nonsensical column is exactly what one would expect from the Guardian, home of self-righteously superior leftism at its worst.


Ha, you Mac user Scott! The trouble is with Macs is they're great, until they break. When they break,. nobody has a clue what to do with them :-)


Well, I would add a comment, but I'm simply enjoying the immense pleasure of typing away on my MacBook Pro, the official computer of General Synod Live-Bloggers.

And for those who haven't seen the info on Vista - go have a look at Scott's post.

Tim Chesterton

Seventeen years using Macs.

Never had a virus.

Never had to install a video card.

Never had to hire someone to teach me how to use it.

Never had a software incompatibility problem.

Love my old Macs so much, I still have my 1992 Mac Classic II sitting under my desk. I turn it on sometimes just to hear that classic 'ding!'

Tim Chesterton

Oh, by the way, Scott, I'm also a dangerous Leftist. The revolution is powered by Macs!

Did anyone hear the one about the Rolling Stones tune that was used to publicise Windows 95? It was produced on a Mac...!

Scott Gilbreath


Leftist is OK, just not a self-righteously superior one.

That wily capitalist Steve Jobs is leading the Revolution. Hallelujah!


While I am loathe to jump into this lion's den, myself being an avid backer of the PC, and evilgeniusarchenemy of the mac, I must reason with you, my brothers. If our life is meant to be one of balance, of the straight and middle path, not of the all-too-simple systems of life developed by the 'big boys' of our world, then I must surely advocate the use of Linux. It is free, easy, powerful, the ultimate purveyor of tai chi, funky shway, and I Ching, the free man's tool, and contains three hundred percent less evil than Microsoft and Apple (A 'truthy' statistic Scott's blog can surely dissect). Renounce your AppleIIe dings and Microsoft ta-das, repent of your transistoral indiscretions, and see the light offered by custom-hashed video drivers (or packaged if you use redhat). For more of this way of life, visit:
May your blogging be blessed,


If it is simplicity and freedom from constraint imposed from beyond you seek...then work only in assembler code. It does not get any more deconstructed than assembler (well, there is machine code, but then I would sound like a real geek).

When you write in assembler it does not matter what machine you use - they all look the same.


I don't know that the eternal word ever intended for us to be constrained by two states in TTL... It seems to me that we must deconstruct our five volt 'logic' paradigms, and move into a new state. (pardon all the geek puns) Then again, I wonder that postmodernism hasn't quite snuck into the computinng sciences yet...

joseph head is starting to hurt... where's my Commodore 64?


One word: abacus


Winston rules.

steve the z

abacus.... I could never figure those things out.


For you Steve, one more word: PEBKAC

Ultimately, the technology can only do so much: Introducing the book...

steve the z

sad, but true. I'll count on my fingers, they never let me down.

even as we speak one of them is scratching my forehead, if I knew how to link to a video or picture I would do that instead, so the good ol finger(s) are working instead.


I'm sorry, but what's the religious corollary here? I thought this was a religious blog. That's why I come here, for religion.


Religious corollary? Have you never met a Mac user before? If Christians had that much religion, we'd have completed the Great Commission long ago.

Recommended reading: Selling the Dream by Guy Kawasaki, Apple Software Evangelist and graduate of the Billy Graham School of Evangelism. It's all connected, man, it's all connected...


ahab: the stategy of this particular post and comment thread is to imitate as much as possible the style of "men's ministries". You get a bunch of guys to talk about guy things (in this case technology and competition), avoid all talk of God, and then WHAM - someone on the thread hits you with a personal testimony and invites you to go to a conference...

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