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December 01, 2006


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Scott Gilbreath

Great poster! What's even funnier is that the unnamed blogger at studiosavant says he hopes the winner is Ted Morton--the only one of the three candidates who refused to respond to a questionnaire on arts policy.


I know - it's a great poster, and I too thought that maybe there is some strange mix of social conservatism and contemporary sculpture happening - maybe Morton is pulling support from some really unexpected places!!


Hey guys,
glad to hear you found the recent Studiosavant political posts useful, or entertaining, or noteworthy...

The poster image is from Vue Weekly (wish I could take credit for it).

My "hope that Morton wins" was tongue-in-cheek. Sorry to disappoint.

Marc Country


mc - i pretty much always find stuff of interest when i pop over to studiosavant; keeps me on my toes... i sort of figured that you might not be a card carrying Morton fan, having read a number of posts on a variety of topics. for those of you who don't frequent studiosavant, have a look - it's linked over in the sidebar.

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