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December 03, 2006


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Ian McKenzie

Must obey Joseph. Must say congratulations!


Thanks, Ian. As the first to congratulate me, I'll be sending an extra cabbage to you...

The Sheepcat

Please, sir, may I have a cabbage too?

Tim Chesterton

Do I still get my scotch?



anyways, as a fellow placer in the awards i thought i'd pop by all the sites to offer's a lot of fun work, so way to go!


well done that man :-)


Yes, congratulations!

Scott Gilbreath

More congrats.

I hope you'll be able to recruit a larger army of drones before next year's awards.

Tim Chesterton

Joe - where are you - I'm getting anxious about my scotch...


I'll say "I used to know him when he was but a baby blogger."


...Justin is doing some more teething, so blogging is restricted to those hours between 11 pm and 3 am when he seems to want to wake up the household... thanks all for voting.

tim - it's second place, so will you setttle for a blend rather than a single malt
scout - thanks for dropping by, it's all a bit of a lark

steve - I'm sure the google cache of my first blog is still around somewhere - on the old Trellix platform, but that's just double speak to a newbie like yourself...


Can somebody please explain to me what a "religious blog" is?

Turnip hooch, now that's what I'm talking about.

Tim Chesterton

Good point, Ahab. Joe, I think you'cw been operating under false pretenses. I don't think you're really a religious blogger. Follower of Jesus - yes. Religious - nah.

For that, I get single malt scotch.


Ahab - it's the leftover inheritance of Aristotle; everything must fit in a category, or it is not real.

Tim, there is a wee bottle of something up in the back of "daddy's cupboard"; maybe we'll pull it out and blow the dust off it...


ps - as if the turnips aren't enough, I thought I'd let you know I intend to liveblog General Synod in Winnipeg next spring...


"Religious" is not a real category.


Joe, congrats are indeed in order, and I think I too could use a wee dram.


ahab - in our neo-aristotelian world (the late form of the scientific enlightenment) everything is thought to fit into a category. "Religious" has to be a category - after all, there is a department of it's "Studies" in every major secular university. Once it becomes the object of our study, it then becomes real, but only in the way that the ruins of Athenian culture became real when they were imported into the British Museum...


Congratulations on the award for felix hominum the blog, it is well deserved. I don't ever mean my blog comments to be rude, or even so terse, and apologize for that. I think I thought I was quipping.

First, a blogger might be religious, but a blog not.

Second, I wrote ""religious" is not a real category" as an admittedly bad comeback to "everything must fit in a category, or it is not real".

Third, there are major secular university studies that are not categories: like "interdisciplinary studies".

On the other (fourth) hand, every word we use is a category. Categorically.

But at root, the purist in me would still like to argue against the categorization of "religious" (especially by the ordained) because true religion is at once comprehensive and irreducible. Religious is Life; which I consider too, um, too real to be a category. I guess I just don't jive with ol' Aristotle.


Quip taken and returned. My sense of category as it is commonly used is akin to our (hubristic?) desire to "name" everything like Adam. As if to say, if we can categorize it, we can have dominion over it. Which is what got me started on the Advent thing.

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