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November 23, 2006


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We got some snow, but there's room for more down here. Please send more my way :-)


The only snow I've seen here in NZ is past the altitude of 1600m on a few of the mountains. Yep, I sure wish it was -20 and snowing here...


I'll send some to you Peter, and then you can ship it via Can Post to NZ. And just think Mack, by the time it gets there it will be winter down under!


Sure am!
My mom called me this morning to tell me that it was really cold, snowy, and windy, and that there are buses that run to the university. And I was like, so?

Scott Gilbreath

I cannot imagine riding a bicycle on the road in that last photo.

Currently in Whitehorse: -26 and clear. Forecast overnight low: -34. Tomorrow (Fri.): clear with a balmy high of -27.

We had lots of snow last weekend, but now it's just cold.


After looking at that Joe, how can I complain about riding in the pouring rain and're a couargeous man...or just plain crazy. Peace...Ron+

The Krow

Joe you appear a bit frosted up before the ride... hope afterwards you got to warm up and melt some.


Scott - a few hundred meters down the road there is a separated bike path (separated by a guard rail, that is), so it's not too bad for traffic, although the occassional splash might come up.

ron - yeah - you guys are getting too much of the wet stuff out your way!

Krow - It's all part of the new "blending in with your environment" approach.

Lisa Barrowclough

4 words ... Diocese of Southeast Florida!


Lisa, are you saying that it's preferable to bike in + 25 Celcius?

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