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November 15, 2006


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steve the z

Not even a comment, has the divinci code also faded off into the distance without it shutting down any churches?


seems to be the case. on another note; I read somewhere (I'll look it up) about someone claiming to be - you guessed it - a direct descendant of Mary Mags and Jesus.

steve the z

Can we get dna from the shroud of turin to compare? Or just throw him out of a boat to see if he can walk on water, or wait does that prove he is a witch? I get all confused. We are also due for the next evangelical book to take the church by storm, 40 days is several days ago, it's due.

I was thinking about asking a Lutheran Pastor friend of mine to come and talk about Martin Luther's 99 Articles at sol, just as a possible start to the new year. Maybe we could approach it as a possible comparison from the reformation to the emerging church? I know the emerging church is a faint shadow of the reformation, but what the heck, we make much of little and little of much every sunday. - any thoughts?

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