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November 07, 2006


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I have to say, I am still trying to work through what happened this weekend at the retreat, and all those questions that came from this weekend, and probably will for quite some time.

I really like the notion of how we try to fill the voids with "stuff" because it reminds me that it is all up to us. It would be easier to blame our family, peers, or strangers on the street for filling those voids within us, but ultimately, we have that choice.

I think it's hard though because if you take the family, they are something tangible - they have been there for us for 21 years and what they have to say is consequently really, really, really important to what we decide to do, to say, to be. It is like trying to tell a 6yr old that their grade one teacher is wrong about something. As far as the 6yr old is concerned, "Mrs. Smith knows everything!"

Along the lines of looking to divine things rather than earthly things, as a youth struggling to keep my ears tuned to the Gospel message, my eyes on the foot of the cross and my heart turned steadfastly to my faith and relationship with God, it is often extremely difficult to block out those external notions of being significant, secure, and appointed.

Especially when I am beginning to get this feeling that God's will in my life (and every ounce of joy that comes with trusting and following that) is insanely different than what my parents or family's will for my life would be!


angela - you are right - it does take some time to digest all the stuff we covered, and I'm hoping that as I jot down a few of our thoughts, it might become clearer. And I think it is so true that we experience joy in God's will - something that 'the world' will never tell us. Like GK Chesterton talked about joy as the great secret of the Christian...

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