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November 23, 2006


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I know what 'felix hominum' means in Latin, and I do know a few words of Welsh, but it's possible that 'Wwyddrnnyyn' is one of the many Welsh words I don't know. What does it mean, exactly?


A rough translation is "What does it mean, exactly?"

Benedict XVI

laudamus te, o bloggerum

The Sheepcat

Too funny, Joseph!


No, I don't think that's right, Joe. You're trying to speak Welsh with an Attic accent, and it doesn't work.


Your Holiness - thanks for your support, and please don't remove your lapel pin: you may vote once per day until the polls close.

Tim - it's a local variation dialect, so the spelling may be unfamiliar but the translation is accurate. If you go back and put the translation into Rowan's mouth, you'll see how it makes sense...




Rowan: I've always thought I'd look better in red, but we gave up all that papish stuff in the 1600's. This purple is all Cramner left me to wear.

Benedict: I have a spare red set in the papal apartments, you can have it if you'd like. How 'bout we swap rings afterwards and see how long before someone notices?

Rowan: Only if I get to wear your hat.


it's just begging for a caption contest, isn't it?

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