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November 28, 2006


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My years working in schools have given me a deep appreciation for the calling of parenthood. The parents' attitudes towards the importance of their role are written on the faces of every child. Some of the most emotionally neglected are the best dressed.

To embrace parenting as a vocation these days has become radically counter-culture though. Pretty tough to rise above the belittling progressive lies and dedicate yourself to a life of love and sacrifice when the overriding message is that true fulfilment can only come from a career.

I say all this as someone who has no kids, and probably never will. But my kids are my biz and somedays I'm impressed by the irony that it was the tree of a certain kind of knowledge that led us astray in the first place.

That particular tree sells us short.


thanks for your thoughts, Leslie.

Scott Gilbreath

Great post, Joe. I found +Schori's comments ridiculous. Besides numerous statements in the Bible that children are a gift from God, what about the collapsing fertility rates across the western world? Even in the US, fertility is barely at replacement level. She should be saying, "We need more klds--now!"

Your point about the language of production in reference to having children is spot on. The best word, I think, is "procreate", reminding us that, when we have children, we are participating in God's work of creation.

Stephen London

Joe, I really liked the post. There does seem to be a feeling of antipathy to having children lately. I only have the one, but she has been such a joy. Even though it is often hard work, that is the cost of anything worthwhile.


Scott - that's the word I was looking for! I think I parked my brain for a minute or two.

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