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October 14, 2006


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Uncle MacK

I skimmed... looks like a good letter, and maybe a large step in the right direction. If I have to be criticized for being a watered-down christian among the ranks of Brian McLaren and Peter Kreeft (Re: 'Generous Orthodoxy' and 'How to win the culture war') in order to agree with this sort of 'peace encouraging' discussion, then I would grin and bear it. Whether anything relevant comes of any further conversation is questionable - I'm cautiously pessimistic. Nice to see some positive response from the world Islamic community.


I had a brief look at it myself, but I also want to look at some of the medieval scholars they mention as more representative of Islam.


Do we worship the same God....
umm, is this a trick question? The answer is...yes?

If the answer is not yes, then revelation must be an anthropological construct (in other words, we made our God up, and so did they). God becomes an idol of a particular culture, a divine being owned by a 'preferred race' rather than the creative force of the universe.

I think God has to be God, the creator is the creator, and our revelations are sufficient, but incomplete. Allahu Ackbar - invocation to prayer for muslims, meaning "God is greater". Doesn't mean Allah is greater than the 'christian' god, it means God is greater than any way we can conceive of God, greater than anything we can believe out of our limited imaginings.

I believe what we are called to is faithfulness, compassion, forgiveness and justice and we're not called to a certainty in a particular way of knowing the unknowable.

Heretical parting words...
Wow, imagine if the injuction 'there is no compulsion in religion' was a tenet that had been espoused by the Christian church? I guess we would be more of a group of do-ers of the word, rather than merely 'believers' whose job it is to make more believers.

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