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October 28, 2006


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steve the z

The term "peacekeeping" is primarily a political term that holds very little actual value in the real world. My belief is that there are people who will hurt other people if allowed and they will not talk about solutions or comprimises. You can't keep peace when there is a group that is violent, unless somehow you can stop the violence. We call it peacekeeping because that's what we want it to be, that's what we want to see ourselves as. We do not want to be a nation at war, we do not want to be associated with the horror that war is. I wish that the way to deal with conflict on the world stage was sitting at the table and simply talking until it was established that we have worked out something, at least talk for years rather than shoot people dead.

Violence prevention is the highest priority if it can be done, Canada's invlovement in the developing economies is worth the billions of dollars if we can help build societies that have some sort of balance between needs and oppourtunities. I believe the true peacekeeping begins with treating disease and educating children, establishing fair relationships with countries and groups that benefit all involved. We have to think in terms of decades and building healthy societies, rather than just what we can get out of them. But even then, there will be groups that want to hurt people and we need to be able to help stop them. Unfortunately we will always need the warriors, their kind will always be asked to do the bad stuff we don't want to know about.

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