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September 13, 2006


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The following was sent to a listserv to which I belong. I'll be following her advice tomorrow...

"My daughter Sara, 17, called me at 12:50 this afternoon from under a table in her classroom at Dawson College. She had heard gunshots, and all the kids who did not fit into the closet were protecting themselves with their art easels. She called back a few minutes later from out on the street, and I could hear sirens and confusion. And now she's home, she's okay, and mom is thanking God that we survived this day.

Hug your kids before they go to school tomorrow morning."


I have no idea why semi-automatic 'assault' rifles continue to be sold in Canada. You can make arguments based on utility for other long guns but I can not develop an argument supporting the sale of semi-automatic rifles.

Not that this would necessarily have changed anything yesterday. Deep peace and healing for those who suffer and mourn.


what happened to the gun registry thing?

and on another strange note, the shooter's website is still up and online. CBC I believe has posted a photo from his site on their main news page.

in the bizarre web world, we can go to his site and see... well, look for yourself if so inclined

Bene D

Joseph, the law is that his pages cannot be taken down because he is an adult.

The request to do so will have to come from police or his executor. The webmaster or ISP may have to wait for legal action.

It's a terrible catch 22, we are left wondering why no one seemed to believe his rage and lonliness. And other pages where people are on the edge - perhaps we need to look, if for no other reason if we see the next one we might be able to help, not by censoring but by engaging, listening and encouraging attempts to reach out to local resources.


Bene - i think there's a lot of wisdom in that.


The rifle he used is listed as a 'restricted' weapon which requires a more thorough screening process before you are licensed (assuming it was legally purchased). I too wonder what happened to gun control.

Bene summarizes one of the real tragedies, that in our age of great 'connectedness' we lack the real community we need to keep us healthy.

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