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September 18, 2006


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Uncle MacK

I'm actually seriously considering the dual citizenship application.


I'm looking forward to their holiday excursion packages.

steve the z

Shouldn't the prince be live on the island? It seems that a life of exile would assume no right or control to that island. However, it seems like a good idea, other than the fact it is darn cold up there. but hey, cold islands probably attract less of the pirates and drug smugglers a warmer one would.


Abandon Tartupaluk! Belongs to Inughuit.

Tibet - Palestine - Kurdistan - Inuit Nunaat/Greenland & TARTUPALUK!

Canada - Nunavut(where is the support from inuit) - Denmark - Cavan van Ulft & all kinds of Monarchy!

Taima! Tartupaluk Resistance Movement!


It appears that the Prince may be suffering from a dispute about his Kingship. We await further developments, and I will keep our readers informed.

PS - the above website from Ortooraq has some great photos of the island.

Scott Gilbreath

Great photos, but no English words. What language is it? What are they saying, exactly?

I think many Canadians would be highly suspicious of a group that advocates free Kurdistan. (Or is that just me?)


I am hoping that His Majesty might issue a public statement on this development sometime soon.

Finn Alfred Olesen


The language in this site is only in greenlandic!! haha

Finn Alfred Olesen

His Serene Highness, Prince of Tartupaluk ullaassaq anisitaavoq Tartupalummiit :D:D
Tamanna pivoq sakkulersorneqanngitsumik Ellesmere Island-imut Gummibåd-iminik ipulluni ikaarpoq.

Akuerineqarani nunasisuunera pissutaanerulluni anisitaavoq.
Finn Alfred Olesen


Finn: His Majesty seems to be unavailable for comment at this time.

I suggest more beer :^)

Finn Alfred Olesen

Hi Joseph!

Yes He's gone with hes rubber dinghy to ellesmere island yesterday moorning hehe

propose a toast to Tartupaluk kommune LOL

Finn Alfred Olesen

Any news?? hehe


Hey Finn:

I have not been able to get in touch with the Prince, but this is a Canadian Holiday weekend, so I'm not sure if he is using Canadian Holidays, or if he is merely busy with official duties.

In the meantime, I think that Tartupaluk needs a new official language. Since I'm a fan of Latin, I think we should use it as the language of diplomacy. :^)

The Honorable Michael N. Mazur, MLA

I am a citizen of Tartupaluk and a member of the Legislative Assembly. Please keep me posted on the revolutionary movement, please.

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