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August 04, 2006


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It would be wonderful if the judicial system were desirous of clerical involvement. That they actually desired people who have studied and considered justice, law and grace. However you know as well as I do, that when you see an Anglican Priest, it is going to be a wildcard.

Since, they don't want to take a chance, practically, it is easy. Your pater familias is quite right, I wore my collar and was dismissed pretty quickly.

Later Consecrater,


steve the z

do you rent out the collar?

is that a bad question?


steve - I've got the whole outfit, and the practice of renting out/ selling things to do with the church has a long and proud tradition, going well back into the middle ages...

if you need some gear I'll rent it out to you at variable rates and for various purposes. For example, if you wear the outfit in your car with a little "exorcist" bag, you can speed all you want and just tell the police that it's an "emergency call"; also, you can bring in extra revenue doing weddings/funerals for your friends (I'll take a 20% cut of the proceeds)... the sky is the limit!

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