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June 10, 2006


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Motion has no existance except within a frame of reference. A frame of reference necessarily involves both space and time, that is: f(x,y,z,t). Space without time is a snapshot. Without motion there is no time.

Time is a created quantity, as is space. Motion only had meaning after the creation and meeting of the other two.

All three are are physical quantities and time a derived quantity.


which is why the spirit is the last person of the trinity to be revealed...


and a ps:

in terms of natural theology (a la Romans, etc) if there is something about the creation that reflects/indicates something of God, and God as Trinity is just Who God Is, then is there anything in creation (apart from poor old Patrick's shamrock) which points to God not only as One, but also as Trinity?

I think your observations cause me more and more to think that perhaps there is more to natural theology than just "the mountains are big, so god must be big". But it's all due to finally finishing off Heidegger...

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