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June 08, 2006


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Uncle MacK

Maybe young men then and now were/are looking for adventure. Have we emasculated Christ to the point that he is a boring, wimpy, 'good guy'? The thing that caught my attention when being 'converted', was this crazy counter-cultural rebel. In fact, this is sometimes all that keeps me going - the adventure of loving people, breaking norms, being untamed...

shirley perry

It is along way back - but I remember living my life as a teen and youth with such "purpose" and excitement.


I do think that there is something to the notion of "challenge". And certainly I think that being offered a call to Christian discipleship should be something that excites. Mack, I tend to agree that maybe in some circles Jesus has been reduced to the warm fuzzies. What some have called the era of "Jesus is my girlfriend" music. (But that's another topic altogether).

I also think that we sometimes mistake "entertainment" for "excitement", or maybe we just don't have the adjectives for it. Following Jesus involves risk, courage, heartbreak, hard choices and actions, taking a stand when called to do so, being vulnerable when called to do so,

Jesus seems to have laid down some challenges to followers and would-be followers during his earthly ministry.

Maybe we have set our comfort filters too high to hear what he is saying.

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