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June 12, 2006


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Steve the z

I also have words that I follow, basically watch how they are used: Tolerance and Acceptance. In the country of Canada we have this view of tolerance as an ideal, that thru tolerance we allow people to be who they are, wether it is cultural, religous, political or whatever has made us unique. I have always presumed that tolerance came from tolerate, which brings an image of "putting up with because it is polite" or even enduring what we hate for the sake of doing things "right".

I say that tolerance isn't good enough, that is step one of maybe twelve steps (just a metaphor, I don't have twelve steps). There has to be more than simply recognizing things in people we don't like and allowing them space because we're supposed to.

I come to the word acceptance, which I need work on doing better, but I love the word none the less. All I really know is that I have felt more loved (or even just respected) by people who accept me rather than by those who tolerate me. Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel that Jesus tolerated the pharisee's and accepted those He healed, ate with, travelled with and maybe even played some type of soccer with.

Sorry Joe, don't know if this fits here but your writing about "inclusive" sparked me to go for it.


steve - absolutely go for it.

When I think of how words are used in our political landscape, I tend to think of "tolerance" as something like a "duty". I do it because I am supposed to - it doesn't (for me) imply any positive relationship, just an absence of activelynegative.

I think the healing aspect is vital. Part of this is recovering the full meaning of the term "salvation" - which means to be made whole, to be fully healed. And somehow I think that Jesus has also invited us into his ministry, to be, with and through Him, agents of healing or wholeness to one another.

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