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June 29, 2006


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shirley perry

Awesome! We did that about once a year growing up - great memories.
love Shirley


Maybe it doesn't matter if you missed TEC's General Convention; next year's ACC General Synod could well be a re-play.


Mmmmm, chicken!

Shawn Branch



yes, well, the birth of a "new thing" doesn't always look pretty...

Uncle MacK

All I see is "general convention 06" juxtaposed/subtly hinted with chicken. Cute chicken at that. Hilarity ensues within MacK's misreading of said post.


there's more to this post than meets the eye;

i think mack is getting close...

Susan AKA Jobeena

You are way too smart for me, Joseph. I don't know where you are going with this, but I followed the goings on down south. Humpty Dumpty has thrown himself off the wall and nobody is going to put him back together again. I feel as though I've been living on the other side of the Looking Glass in the Anglican Church of Canada for some time now. May Almighty God stop us from meekly following ECUSA through the wide gates leading on to the easy way.

Troy Lamoureux

6-8 weeks? How much meat will be on those bones? A metaphor for Anglican theology. Can life life yet be blown into those old bones? Save your breath.


Susan; I am grateful that there is a full year before our GS in 2007. That should give some time to "sort things out".

Troy - isn't the answer to your question already given somewhere?

"Thou knowest.."

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