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May 09, 2006


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Doug Hoag

That's like replacing Hitler with Pol Pot. This ought to make the UN a more fun place to be, wouldn't you say?


well, I'm just glad that the BBC added that second line there to clarify why the first UN Human Rights Thingy didn't work out so well...


When the Rwandan genocide was going on, the head of the peace keeping directorate (it appears) did not take seriously the reports made by Romeo Dallaire. Dallaire kept sending in requests for more assistance and for approval to expand his rules of engagement and kept being told to do nothing. That small office was the choke point which could have made a major difference for about 800,000 Rwandans.

Who was the head of the peace keeping office at the time? Once you answer that you'll understand why nothing at the UN is surprising for me. (hint: the deputy was later a Canadian Chief of the Defence Staff, Maurice Baril).

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