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May 10, 2006


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Shawn Branch

One of God's beautiful children!


While I enjoy Sarah's company here and now, and encourage her to reach her full potential with all her gifts, I also hold fast to the Christian hope of the resurrection, and the promise it holds for her in particular. Every week we say in the Creed "I believe in the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come".

I suspect she waits in joyful hope for the resurrection of the body. It strikes me as rather resigned that there has been in some quarters a downplaying of physical resurrection, when it appears to me to be a most hope filled part of our faith...


Thanks once again, Joe - I've posted a link to this on my blog. You inspire me, brother.

steve the z

Sarah has a beautiful smile.


My son Chris has a major heart condition, on the outside he looks normal, but he is unable to do many things that his peers can, because of the many medications he is on he forgets things... it is not unusual for Chris to stand under the clock and ask what time it is!
When he was younger (he is 20 now) he declared that he was looking forward to heaven because he coud win races with his new body!.... Hows that for hope!

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