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May 08, 2006


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Shawn Branch

I'm never reading your blog late at night again. I'm off to find my happy place now.

shirley perry

You could make your million writting christian ..............!!!!


wasn't it obvious what I was talking about?!!


I agree with Shirley, start writing and we will send your manuscript off to Ignatius Press! Great little post.


I think the line actually came from an old friend & spiritual guide. He first posed the question, though not in quite the same terms. How often do we surprise our kids with our faith?


I hope never to surprise my kids with my faith. I hope they grow up thinking it's as normal and commonplace as... using the phone, flicking a switch and having a light go on, moms and dads still smooching and saying "I love you" after years of being married, rainbows after it rains, breathing. All miracles in their way, but just how things are.

As to how often my kids surprise me with their faith... that puts me to shame...


I agree with a lot of what you are saying, Winston. I hope that my faith is so evident in my life that my kids see it as something that we live day in and day out. I think, though, that there are some of us who, as time and career and life go by, find ourselves under that curse of "busyness". And I think for myself it is a temptation to get so busy with "stuff", that good intentions can slowly evaporate. I think it is also a reminder to people that prayer should not be a surprise to their kids!

As to how our kids surprise us, well, I'm sure we could fill a whole evening at sol cafe on just that topic! Which gives me an idea...


Good warning and fair criticism, Joe. And probably why I said I "hope" I never surprise them, being very familiar with the curse of "busyness" and its effects. And truth be told, do they see me in prayer as often as they see the other commonplace things I listed? Nope. Do they know I am also frequently praying in my head? I hope so. I hope it shows in the overt things in my life.

And first on my list of how my kids surprise me with their faith is how often they remind my to pray. Probably the only reason I haven't slipped enough to surprise them!

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