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March 27, 2006


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Joe, that's hilarious! I'll keep it on file for when we outgrow the Grand Am. Congratulations to you all on the birth of Justin.


Well, ya know, ya just can't move up in this company unless you are a good liturgist. I figure if I can pump out a few of these, get myself noticed by the big wigs, I'll find myself appointed to one of those fancy-shmancy committees, where the real action is... tea, sherry, port... isn't that the anglican trinity?


Wow, I've been a practicing Anglican for the last four years and didn't even know it! Although I guess since I don't have the Stow n Go seats (thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's van, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's van...) I'm not really orthodox.

A blessing of peace and safety be unto your van and all whom it transports!

Uncle MacK

The words to respond elude me... All I can say is that this is fantastic material. Fan-tastic! You should submit it to the Sacred Sandwich site.


...and some people say I have too much time on my hands!!


"The drink must be of a deep hue, preferably grape or raspberry" Is the sacrament valid if other than 'pure grape juice' used? Is grape punch flavour drink equally valid? We need to convene a working group...and produce a report...the 'st BMV report'.


I'll have to check with Winston on that one, Matt. I am sure he has had experience with several varieties and flavours of both juices and soft drinks over that last few years. Perhaps the spilling of the raspberry juice is reserved for a "baptismal" kind of thing on the upholstery...


Well there is a profound theological issue at stake here, that of whether the "drink of deep hue" is merely symbolic or whether there is a miracle of a transubstantiative nature taking place.

I lean towards the transubstantiative school of thought since in my experience even plain water, upon spilling, somehow becomes a drink of not only deep hue but instantaneous and permanent colourfastness. And don't get me started on how one plain cracker transforms into enough crumbs to reconstitute an entire French loaf.

There are indeed mysteries here, dark troubling mysteries...



Bravo. This is some of your best work. Really.

I suspect that by Anglican standards it is nearly perfect. Though your theology is flawed (like the BAS), your language is superior (unlike the BAS). So once the appropriate committees have removed all the beauty, BMV will no doubt be found recorded in Vestry books right across the country.



Could you work on something for the Lawn Mower?


There'll be no ice cream for you at the stop!

I'll start working on the Lawn Mower. By the way, when I was doing summer jobs in landscaping, we used to quote James 5:4.


waaaaaa! I want ice cream.

Sorry I've jumped the gun about the lawn mower. First, I am going to need a burial service/rite (whatever you Anglicans call it) for the current one, never mind a blessing for the new one.


I was laughing, okay snickering quietly to myself, before I had even read it. Actually, when I saw there were eleven comments I figured I should read the reviews first. They tell me that I should in fact now go back and read more than the first three lines. And I expect a hearty guffaw.


Yup, three guffaws. Thanks.

The Sheepcat

Many guffaws here. God bless you and your minivan.

Slacker Anglican

A hearty hello from the neighbor in confusion to the south. Delighted to see that you've upheld the spirit of true,quirky Anglicanism, and our collective sense of humor. Not much giggling going on down here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan these days..thanks to our national leadership, lifestyle and other accoutrements.

Waving at you from across Lake Superior, where our parish chapel is known to devotees as "the bus" and we've wondered about an airline style in-flight cart to distribute drinks!

Stay sane and Anglo-Catholic! (Not necessarily in that order!)


I just read this for the first time today and it is absolutely priceless! I'm glad I found it.

joseph's amazing what turns up in the archives from time to time...

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