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February 09, 2006


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Undoubtedly, being a porn star is a very high calling. I know that even my aspirations may not land me there some day. At least we have good contributing citizens like Ron to keep our society healthy, and our students always reaching for that rainbow.


I swear to you, I didn't read the link for GMCC until AFTER I posted: "Sometimes you never know when your true calling will emerge." *falls off of chair*


Joe - just a warning. Beware of the wrath of Jacqui (a GMCC alumnus, who wasn't a great fan of the student's union when she was there, and has now been confirmed in that opinion!). I tell you, my friend - she's out for your scalp...!!!


Hey Tim, I just call 'em as I see 'em. Tell Jacqui she can take comfort that she's not spending any more SU fees there (plus we have much nicer coffee mugs)! Don't you know I get paid to shamelessly promote the U of A? Now where did I put my menu from the Faculty Club again...

Mack: it's back to that whole "vocation" thing...!

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