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February 23, 2006


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Joe, this is very good, and I think it offers the potential for real fruit. The idea of the paradox of the incarnation operating as a paradigm for the paradoxes of biblical interpretation has huge potential. Is that really in St. Augustine? Maybe I shouldn't let my Anabaptist sympathies lead me to dismiss the old buzzard after all...!!


P.S. If you don't finish Heidigger's 'Being and Time' soon, you'll be out of time...


I think it is the guiding principle of the last part of the Confessions, where Aug tries to raise his readers up above the old law of non-contradiction into the mystery of the Trinity.

Most folks give up on the Confessions after the juicy bits, and they fail to see that the work as a whole has a Trinitarian structure. How can this "biography" bit at the front have anything to do with this introspective analysis in Book X or this crazy exegesis of Genesis at the end? Well, that's the logic/mystery of the Trinity...figure out the relation between the three "parts" of the Conf, and we see what Aug says about the Trinity...

I'm still reading Heidegger for the time being. (no pun inteneded)

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