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January 25, 2006


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Bene D

My first thought wasn't US religious right, theocraticy here we come. It was damn, he's sticking it to the losers!

Pray for me.:^)


Bene, I've always found your stuff rather thought provoking; I'm a long time lurker on your site. I think I commented once many months ago on something. I hoped that a few of my friends would find their way to your blog. And it looks like at least one has gotten into some conversation there. (Hi Tim) I find as well that "conversation and dialogue" is one of the things that blogs can foster.

And some of the local talk (here in Edmonton) has been concerned about the "religious right", so I think (unclearly) I was also looking at some local reaction.

I think the whole gloating thing is one of our great temptations. It may be that "sticking it to the losers" is just such a temptation to all of us. It creeps up pretty fast, and I've seen it more than once in my own circles - the various debates and controversies in the Anglican world. We have not stopped arguing over which of us is the greatest disciple.

We could all use a bit more mercy, and a careful re-reading of what others have to say. My brain (not to mention my heart) is far too small, far too often.

I'll pray for you - please return the favour!

Bene D

Glad we connected! Blogs can foster good discussion and dialogue and it was nice of Stephen Harper to give us the opportunity.

It is up to God to judge intent. That is a tough one. We humans get a fair amount of exercise jumping to conclusions and questioning motive, no one in my offline life has even mentioned it. I'm very glad you took the leap from lurking to commenting.:^)

Watching election night speeches in front of the home town crowd is interesting. I wondered the first time Mr. Harper said God bless Canada if he was taking it for a test drive.

No matter. The transition is happening quickly, there is work to be done and our public servants need our prayers.

I'm honoured to return the favour.
Blog on!

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