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October 14, 2005


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Troy Lamoureux


I am so glad you addressed this. I admit that I read the article and was outraged by its ignorant contents. I seldom read the Gateway anymore, since when I do, I find that somewhere someone has said something prejudiced against Christians, perhaps I am over sensitive.


Perusing the Gateway today, I see they publilshed my letter.

Scott Bourgeois

Hey, folks.

Yes, I'm the Christian-bashing student journalist who wrote this article. I just wanted to throw in a quick word, mainly in response to Troy Lamoureux's comment.

Personally, I have nothing against Christians - I count myself amongst them, believe it or not. In fact, I'm very pro-spritiuality in general, and think many religions have interesting things to say. What I really hate is organized religion - the dogma, the hippocracy, and the heirarchy seem to be very... well... oppresive to me. I choose to not engage in them.

Anyway, I've never taken the bible literally, so when this peice of news hit the shelf, I took it upon myself to write about it, mainly to draw attention to the issue, as opposed to the article itself. And I think I succeeded in that. It sparked debate and thought on the subject, and that's all I ask with most of my articles. You don't have to agree with me, and you can label me an idiot with a pen - but at least it made you stop and think for a minute.

But this is all a little tangental. Mr. Lamoureux pointed out that The Gateway seems a little anti-Christian. I don't think that's necessarily the case. The fact is, we're a university student paper, and as such are going to attract and pander to a more left-leaning group. But - and this is our secret weakness I'm leaking here - we are a volunteer society. If people with differing viewpoints wanted to have their voice heard in The Gateway, they could. Just show up to the Opinion Meetings, or meet with the Opinion Editor, and away you go.

Believe it, or not, we won't censor a differing opinion, or not run something that we don't agree with. Heck, Tim doesn't agree with half the stuff I write and it still makes it into the paper. So there you go. If you feel there's an anti religious bias in the Gateway, YOU can change it. I know a few writers - such as Andrew Teal - have been doing just that.

We're not an anti-Christian cabal. We're just a bunch of opinionated clowns with a public forum.


Scott - I'm glad you dropped by; thanks for your input.

I appreciate your thoughts about provoking students to think, and especially those who would put themselves in the "Christian" camp. Too often Christian students have failed to get involved in their communities at a broad level, or try to engage with those who might challenge their worldview. I try to discourage the "holy huddle" approach. Rather like my blog - I try to provoke thought on a variety of issues and viewpoints. Public discussion of issues is always a good thing.

Your second point is really well taken. Like the election just passed - everyone has an opportunity to make an impact, and let their voice be heard. Students who have something to say can just write it down and join the club (for those who haven't noticed, there's been a Gateway link on my blog for over a year).

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