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September 21, 2005


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Winston Pei

With your connections into the big AC, can you get me a copy? This is more an interest on the book history and print culture history side of my brain, but at the same time the material embodiment of "The Word" is a pretty basic cornerstone/issue/debate for the Christian life as well.

It reminds me of a series of tapes and/or two-page summaries you can get of the 100 greatest books ever written or something like that, marketed to busy executive-types so that they know something about these works without having to actually read them.

Maybe that's better than nothing? No much better, I'll admit, but a little? We still see value in children's picture Bibles, which "repackage" the Bible into smaller bite-size pieces.


Winston - I'll see if can get a copy for you. I think in some ways the analogy to the children's bible concept is a good one. If anything, part of what they recognize is that this is a post-christian culture. Perhaps some brits can lend a thought on this. I'd be eager to hear how this project will be received in the coming months in britain...

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