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April 04, 2005


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Hi Joe, the following quote is from Brian Walsh's and Sylvia Keesmaat's book, " Colossians Remixed."

Brian Walsh comments, " Globilization isn't just an aggressive stage in the history of capitalism. It's a religious movement of previously unheard-of proportions. Progress is its underlying myth, unlimited economic growth its foundational faith, the shopping mall ( physical or online ) its place of worship, consumerism its overriding image, ' I'll have a big mac and fries ' its ritual of initiation, and global domination its ultimate goal.

I wonder if the new " Empire " with its language and's rule of law, hasn't made us slaves again. How do we again capture the imaginations to the reality of the supremacy of God and building and expanding the Kingdom.


Ron, I keep meaning to get a hold of that book and have a look. I've appreciated the things you have pointed out on these kinds of topics over on your blog. I'll have to go the bookstore and get reading!


It's a great read Joe, that and " God's Politics " by Jim Wallis. I think alot of times we decieve ourselves to think there are no politics involved in the Gospels and Paul's letters...we forget there is the same Empire world view now as there was then.


God's Politics? I have a hard time coping with the notion that I am being deceived in thinking there are no politics involved in the Gospel and Paul's letters. Jesus was not about politics, granted he had much opportunity to engage if he had wanted to. I think the religious leaders of the day would have gladly solicited his help in politics. You don't get crucified for being political. The gospels are all about the Kingdom of God, the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus declaring that he was I AM. Can we interpret politics in this? Sure, if we call feeding the poor and caring for widows politics, although the Word of God calls this pure religion. Paul admonished us to submit to the political rulers over us, because they wield the sword for a reason. If politics forces us to choose between man and God, then we must choose God, not form a new political party to try and legislate more God friendly laws.


Flambero, I don't know if you have read Jim Wallis's book, but it is hardly a book about forming a new political party to try and legislate more God friendly laws.
The reality is just as in Pauls day, there is a dominant empire world view out there that hypnotizing people with thier language, thier myth that only they provide a hope for the future. They even using God in thier retoric, that some how god is backing them and on thier side. It's leader would probably even tell you, that He is God's sovereign choice.
And what you said is absolutely correct, if I'm hearing you right, the Kingdom is the alternative to the empire, the gospel provides the story, the language and the hope...and Jesus its sovereign ruler, over heaven and earth.


Ron - got the comments fixed - not sure what the glitch was..


Ron, sounds like an interesting read, I will have to check it out, thanks for the clarification.

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