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March 15, 2005


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Will Gibson

A gentle answer turneth away wrath. How about responding with a list of the good works performed by the Anglican Church. I can think of several excellent projects in Edmonton. The debate over same-sex marriage has generated a lot of media coverage that has, unfortunately, overshadowed this good work.


I think I'll track him down and invite him out for a pint...

Patrick Ross

Wow. I had never seen this post before.
I wish you had tracked me down if you wanted to talk to me about this, Joseph. I love engaging with readers to hear their concerns, comments, and feedback personally.

...It's been quite a while since I wrote this, and I'd like to clarify something, if you'd allow me. The "primates" is the title afforded by the Anglican church to the members of this particular council. I hope noone took that as a particular insult.

Thank you for your time, gentlemen! I hope you keep reading The Gateway.


Hi Patrick - I'm around for the summer, and I do have an expense account...

I do occassionally try to point folks to stuff in the Gateway (it's linked in the sidebar).

ps - I have slowly been working on a blog roll for the U of A, which I hope to have up sometime in the near future.

Patrick Ross

Well, I'm not in the city again until September. But drop me a line on that U of A blog! I'd like to see it.


Patrick - I'll keep the expense line open for a pint (or two)...

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