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February 01, 2005


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Passive Anglessive


In regards to The Confessions, which English translation/publication would you recommend, and for those of us lacking a good classical education, is there a commentary/guide/annotated version etc... that you would deem accurate and helpful?


PA - there a few translations out there. Penguin has a standard one (which messes up a few sections but mostly ok), and a great read is in the Loeb series (based on Watts' trans from the 1600's) which has latin on the facing page so you can look at the left hand side and impress your friends and neighbours!. In the interest of promoting Canadians above all others, I'd recommend getting a copy of a commentary by Colin Starnes. He's a home grown boy who has a clear and very readable style and some of the most insightful stuff on Conf that I have seen.

blessings, J

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