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February 09, 2005


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So, what would you wear then? T-Shirts?



I got some swank paisley PJ's for Christmas, maybe they would do...


Joe, I think this is a great idea! Take the collar off and replace it with a tie or perhaps nothing. I wonder if sometimes those nice white collars don't create a barriar between you and the rest of the world. And then some days I wonder if those collars aren't the thing that allows regular folks to just start talking about spiritual things?


For those who know me, it's a bit of an inside joke. It would be more of a Lenten discipline for me to wear a collar and clerical attire, rather than my usual grubby stuff that I wear for daily work at the U.

Interestingly, once I did decide to wear my clericals to work here, with amazing results: the morning of 9/11 I put them on and went to the Power Plant pub where the news was being shown on the big screen...many conversations ensued...


I think its amazing how people respond to people in clerical attire. From what I've seen, even if the person doesn't have any religion, they feel a safety in talking to someone in vestments rather than just a friend. There's a certain reassurance given when people see that collar. They want to talk to you to because no matter what faith they are they feel a connection to you.


I've never worn them, but am kind of considering it, for some occasions. And the reasons are exactly that, to create a space that might help some people talk, connect.

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