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September 15, 2007


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This is an interesting teaching sequence to consider from the perspective of the 99 sheep. They are the 'good' sheep, staying in the pasture, and the result of their 'goodness' is to watch the shepherd disappear to find one 'bad' sheep. I don't have trouble placing on the lips of the 99 (do sheep have lips?) the words of the older brother from the following parable - the prodigal son. 'What! I've been good my whole life and what have you done for me?'

Yet the 99 - the righteous sheep - receive no further press in the parable. One the one found sheep is the cause for celebration.

God came not to save the righteous, but the lost.


I didn't notice the image of the coin lost "in the house". Thanks for that. I think I'll work it into my own sermon this morning. Have a good one.

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