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September 30, 2007


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Scott Gilbreath

Unless a random sample of Canadian Anglicans was surveyed for opinions on the Windsor Report, there is no sound basis for the quoted statistic. I know of no such survey.

As I recall, Anglicans were invited to comment, so I would suspect that the number refers only to those who decided to express their views to whoever was collecting the comments.


I wonder what the numbers would look like if you isolated liberal and joined consevative and middle together?


Scott - I suspect you are correct. I left a comment asking where they got these figures, but haven't seen any source yet.
Donald - yes, now that would be an interesting way of rephrasing the situation.


Bays notes the numbers come from her observing responses to the Windsor the sample was self-selected (which means bias) and of an indeterminate size. It also means she was assigning people to categories based on her assessment of their 'leanings' (+ bias).

Sounds like 1/3 at each end, 1/3 in the middle...i.e. a classic Anglican via media.

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